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            外贸业务员英文简历 外贸业务员简历英文版

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              外贸业务员因为要涉及到外交  ,所以简历最好写英文 ,出国留学小编为大家带来了外贸业务员英文简历  ,谢谢查看  。


              Name: Ms. M Gender: Female

              Wedlock: Single Nation: Han

              Residence: Hunan-Shaoyang Age: 26

              Location: Guangdong-Dongguan Height: 160cm

              Target Locations: Guangdong

              Target Positions: Trading-Foreign Trade Manager/Supervisor

              Trading-International business

              Trading-Foreign Trade Commissioner/Assistant

              Trading-Export commissioner

              Trading-Customs commissioner

              Target Jobs: Foreign Trade、 Foreign Trade Assist、 e-commerce


              2006-09 ~ 2010-07 Central South University Railway Campus Engish Bachelor Degree

              2003-09 ~ 2006-07 Ninth high school of Longhui High school High School

              【company name】 (2011-07 ~ 2011-12)

              Company Type: Foreign Enterprise Company Category: Trading,Commerce,Imports and Exports

              Job Title: Business assistant Positions: Sales Representative

              Job Description: 1.Collect clinent's new marketing requiments of some products for new business development .

              2.Help the sales and other department to get new samples which confirmed by our guests and send to them.prepar the Metting in time, ready samples for customer to select, records metting about some special requriments,when the guests pick in the data sample,we will make fhotograph to left at the end and send the sample to factory for samples.

              3. Communicate with customers and follow up the development of samples, send samples , quations to customers and provide product information and follow up on customer feedback.

              4.contact the customer to confirm a large sample, prompting orders, respond to customer inquiries, quote, confirm orders, receiving and processing orders, contact the factory ready to produce,control quality.

              5. confirm that the package details, review provides packaging materials, orders to the factory, contact the testing company inspection, help the shipping department to prepare shipping document collaboration booking, ready to ship.

              6. Maintain customer relations,hanle some shipping matters,to do the invoice data to the customer, loan recovery.

              7.Follow up the repeat order and development new market.

              【company name】 (2010-09 ~ 2011-04)